Reservation Conditions

  • Reservations must be completed at least one week in advance of your visit.
  • Duration of the walking tour: A walking tour normally lasts 2 hours. You can always choose for a shorter duration for a tour, but the price for such a shorter tour is the same as a tour that lasts two hours, namely € 75.
  • Payment: a representative of the group will pay the guide in cash at the start of the walking tour. Checks or credit cards will not be accepted by the Guide. For a guided tour of two hours or less, the cost is € 75 per guide. Any additional Guides will be paid € 37,5 per guide. The administration fees are € 5 for a customer in the interior and € 10 for a customer abroad.
  • Size of the group: One guide can conduct a tour for a maximum of 25 persons per guided tour. If your group is larger than 25 persons, this is no problem as we have more than enough guides to meet your needs.
  • Cancelling Reservations: this must be communicated by the requestor at least 1 working day in advance of the originally planned date. If this is not done within this period of time, the cancellation is considered late. In the case of late cancellations or if the group has not arrived at the meeting place at the agreed time, the costs of the reservation (plus administration costs) will be charged to the reserving party.
  • Entrance Fees: for visits to museums, churches, boat rides and other admission prices for similar items are not included in the price for the guide and are the responsibility of the group who reserved the guided tour and will be settled by the representative of the group accordingly.
  • In the event that the guided tour starts or ends at a location outside of the city limits of Bruges, an additional cost will be calculated and added to the original cost as per the number of extra guides requested.