Meeting Places

The following meeting places are the places where the reserving group can come to and wait for the guide or vice versa at the agreed meeting time. Bruges is relatively large and some locations lend themselves to the purpose of meeting more than others. The most common meeting places are:

  1. The 'Barge' square. This square lies directly next to the tour-bus parking lot and is only a small walking distance to the train station. The Barge square offers a green and lush start to the guided tour because you will wander first by the quaint waters of the Minnewater . The guide waits for you here on the green carpet.
  2. The front side of the train station. All of the city buses and trains come here. For tourists who utilize the train, this is an ideal starting point. Next to the train station there is a parking lot with a daily tariff ( € 3.50 per day). The Guides wait for you here at the ain entrance of the train station.
  3. The Tourist Information Office in the train station. This location is ideal for tourists who utilize the train and who may need to pick up information at the tourist office. The office I located directly opposite the ticket booths and the train station. The guides will wait for you here at the Tourist Information Office.
  4. The 'In & Uit' tourist office. On the ground floor of the Concert Building that was completed in 2002, you find yourself at the central tourist office of Brugge. This meeting place is ideal in the event that your group has to order or acquire tickets at the tourist office for an event in the concert building or elsewhere in Bruges. The guides will wait for you here at the tourist office.
  5. The 'Burg' square. The central beating heart of the city. The place where the history of Bruges started. The most ideal meeting place here is in front of the City Hall. This place is an ideal starting place for a city tour. The guides will wait for you here in front of the City Hall.
  6. The Market Square of Bruges. The earlier location of the commercial activity of the city. In the middle of the market square the statue of Jan Breydel and Pieter De Coninck are situated. This is the best meeting place on the market square. The guides will wait for you here directly by the statue.

For a tour involving a visit to a museum, the guide will wait at the entrance to the museum in most cases unless you wish to propose another meeting place. Our guides could also meet you at your hotel or a particular restaurant or at just about any other meeting place in Bruges that you may prefer at your convenience. Click on the Reservation Form and further on the Other Meeting Place link and fill in the complete and correct information in the field provided for the proposed meeting place, date and time you desire.