City Walking Tours

During these guided tours you will wander on a route highlighting specific geographical entities in Bruges which have existed throughout the ages or surfaced in a certain historical period.

Monumental Bruges

The historical heart of Bruges beating as only it can for the countless visitors. The ideal guided route for an introduction to the city.

You will encounter a variety of city sights such as the Market Square (Belfry and historical facades), the "Burg" (city castle) square (City Hall, Holy Blood Basilica, Old Recorder's Office), the "Reien" (picturesque canals and waterways), the Fish Market and the College of Europe.

You will wander along famous museums (such as the "Groeninge", "Gruuthuse" and "Brangwyn" museums), the Church of Our Lady (with the statue of a Madonna with Child by Michelangelo), the old Saint John's Hospital with the Memling Museum, almshouses, the Beguinage and the charming waters of the "Minnewater".

Cosmopolitan Bruges

The earlier cosmopolitan cityscape, the glory of the economically thriving Bruges of the 14th and 15th centuries: the 'Burg' (city castle square), the  Market Square, the "Vlaming" street , the "Academie" street, the "Jan van Eyck" square, the Wednesday Market Square, the "Oosterlingen" square (Eastern Europe), Saint Giles' church, the  “Augustijnenrei” (canal), Saint James' Church, the court household "Bladelin", the "Kuipers" (vat makers) street and the Egg Market all in search of  links with the European presence in Bruges at the time.

Quiet Bruges

Discover hidden treasures in a picturesque part of the city as you wander towards the  Saint Walburga Church,  Saint Anne’s church, the Jerusalem church with the lace museum, the museum of folk art, the "Guido Gezelle" museum, the archers' guilds of Saint George and Saint Sebastian, the English cloister, the windmills and the "Potterie" museum and old hospital.

Former City Walls and Ramparts

Along the former city walls, presently a park zone surrounding the city: The Railway Station, the "Beguinage" vest (a "vest" is an area where the earlier city fortifications were raised), the Beguinage, the "Minnewater"' park, the "Kathleen's" vest, the "Gent Gate" vest,

The "Gent Gate", the "Bonin" vest, the "Coupure" a small scale inner city boat harbour), the "Schaar" street, the Holy Magdalen Church, The Queen Astrid Park, the "Kruis" gate and the "Ezel" (donkey) gate.

Damme, medieval city

Once an outport of Bruges, now a medieval city frozen in time with an added dimension of being a city of books and bookstores.

Market square with typical gabled houses, Church of Our Lady (13th century), City Hall (15th century), Saint John’s Hospital (Medieval) and the "Napoleon" canal.

West Bruges

A dynamic city zone with a youthful heart, a little taste of a lesser known region of Bruges: the "'Zand" square (statues and fountain), the concert hall, the "Smedenstraat" (the street of the Blacksmiths) the Chapel of Our Lady of "Blindekens", the "Smedenpoort" (the Blacksmith’s gate), the old city ramparts, the old Waterhouse, the "Dumery" Bell, the Saint "Godelieve" Abbey, almshouses and Saint Saviour's Cathedral.

The countryside around Bruges

At the city limits and in the immediate surroundings of Bruges one can make many interesting excursions to a variety of small villages with their unique attractions such as:

Male (Saint Trudo's Abbey), Assebroek (The domain of the Seven Turretss and a children's petting farm), Sint-Michiels (The Boudewijnpark aquatic theme park and "Dolfinarium"), 

the Provincial domain Tillegem forest, Saint Andries (City park Beisbroek and Tudor, The "Zevenkerken" Abbey) and Lissewege or Damme with their beautiful canal landscapes and coastal polder-lands.

"Coupure" Walking Tour

The digging of the connecting canal between the Flemish cities Oostende and Gent was a major factor in the 19th century that led to an expansion of industry and commerce in this part of the city.

In 1852, the landscape architect Rosseels, from Louvain, transformed the old cloister garden of the "Braamberg" into the first city park: The "Astrid" Park. A place

Maritime Bruges

Bruges with the spiriting sea air: the old city centre of Dudzele, the picturesque coastal polder village Lissewege (The Church of Our Lady, the 'Ter Doest' Abbey), Zeebrugge (A Bustling seaport, gasterminal and fishing harbour).